Asada Belly Dance Teaching Belly Dancing Classes in Kissimmee to Children

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Creative Dance Academy in Kissimmee, Fl

Asada Belly Dance Teaching Belly Dancing Classes in Kissimmee to Children

To me (Asada Belly Dance) Teaching Belly Dancing Classes in Kissimmee to small children is a lot of fun.  I constantly hear things like: “Can I go to the bathroom?”  “Can I get some water?”  “My mom is here, can i leave now?”  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard these things in class, but I can tell you that’s it way more times than I hear the word Habibi middle esstern songs (that is a lot)!

When I first started teaching children, I would feel so annoyed with all of the interruptions.  I thought that perhaps I was just too boring for the kids.  Or maybe my desire to turn them all into perfect little belly dancers was scaring them away.

I mean they would leave and never come back! Instead they would stay in the after school room and color, or play video games until their parents picked them up.  I was a little hurt to be honest.

I decided to try a couple of strategies. After a few weeks of trying a variation of things. I finally got a good method down….  I stopped fighting and begging small children to return to my classroom.  I can’t compete with video games and crayons, but had a little trick up my sleeve.

I started introducing props.  Pretty, colorful veils and loud and cheerful finger cymbals were the ticket.  Kids love this stuff!  So after warm up and those “boring” drills, the kids would start dropping like flies.  I came up with a very simple rule.  Once you leave my class with out permission, you can’t come back in.  And you can’t sit at the doorway to watch either.  No problem they would say and would leave.

As soon as I was down to my last handful of dedicated 8 year olds, that’s when I would pull out the bright and colorful veils.  The girls were in awe.  Suddenly my class started to fill back up again.  But wait a minute  I had a rule.  I wasn’t playing either.

My students who left me for the computer game suddenly wanted me back.  They had to wait until the following week though. After a few classes of sad little faces sneaking a peak from the doorway.  My classes stopped dwindling down.  I had to lay down the law and stick with it.

Really the lesson learned for me was that the kids loved me, and they loved my class.  They just all have very, very, short attention spans.  So I have to break my class up into 4 mini classes to keep them interested.  I also need to stick to my guns, be firm, and stand firm on my rule.

What are your challenges when teaching children, or adults?  Share your thoughts with me. I love to hear what you’re thinking and if you feel the same way that I do.  Feel free to share your thoughts about belly dancing classes in Kissimmee here on my Asada Belly Dance Blog.

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Asada is an Entertainer, Instructor, and Choreographer for all ages. She has been belly dancing since 2004. From folkloric to her take on the modern style, she will teach you privately or in a group. Asada currently teaches belly dancing classes in Kissimmee, Fl performs at Kissimmee weddings, Melbourne, Fl weddings, and birthday parties in Melbourne, Fl. Her goal is to educate her students and clients about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance; aka Belly Dance. Follow me on Google+