Asada Belly Dance And Her First Kissimmee Belly Dance Kids Troupe Performance

Asada Belly Dance And Her First Kissimmee Belly Dance Kids Troupe Performance

Creative Dance Academy Belly Dancers

Kissimmee Entertainment at it’s best this week.  Asada Belly Dance had a successful week.  My teenage students from Creative Dance Academy got to perform their first troupe performance for this school year.  Although they really put me through the ringer with constant surprises at each rehearsal, they did exceptionally well.

I started out with a group of six dancers; four brand new to belly dance.  The first week my good friend Lisa asked if the girls wanted to dance at her benefit for wounded warriors.  The girls were so excited and nervous at the same time.  With the benefit only 4 weeks away I knew to keep it simple yet fun.

I choose an instrumental hip hop song that worked well with middle eastern choreography.  I wanted each girl to have a sixteen count solo.  I also wanted each girl to showcase what they did best.  Since not all really knew belly dance I wanted to allow them to add a little bit of their style.  I had one ballerina, one cheerleader, one hip hop dancer, one modern dancer, and my two returning belly dancers.  I knew that working with teenagers was going to be a challenge.  I love these girls, so I just ran with what God through at me.

Each week someone dropped out for every reason you can think of.  First, the studio double booked and my two belly dancers had a performance scheduled that day.  My other students had very understandable reasons but really I think they were just nervous.  Reasons ranged from, too much homework,  not feeling well, to very Christian and would not show mid section.  Nothing I could do about homework and health, but the costuming thing I thought was an easy fix.  I explained the different costume choices and that a tank top could be worn underneath the Choli tops.  As a Christian myself I would never have the girls wear anything inappropriate.  My explanation didn’t work.  So I was down to one dancer who was very new to belly dance.

One rehearsal left and I was so stressed.  But once I finally let it go everything fell into place.  A former belly dance student returned that week.  Then I found out that the other performance was over one hour before the benefit.  I was so relieved.  Still a challenge to adjust the choreography and recount solos, but it worked out so well.  Their first performance as a troupe was pretty awesome.  The girls were a hit.  I could not be more proud.

I want to hear about your challenges.  Is this normal when managing a troupe?  Have you had last minute surprises just before a big show?  Have you had to change your choreography at every rehearsal down to the last wire?  Share your thoughts with me.  As I said, I love my Kissimmee Belly Dancer students, so I’ll take all the all the challenges put in front of me as Asada Belly Dance.

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