Choreography by Asada Belly Dance, Kissimmee Belly Dancer: Staying True to Traditional Middle Eastern Dance vs Fusion Glam

Photo by Lisa Stern

Photo by Lisa Stern

Choreography by Asada Belly Dance, Kissimmee Belly Dancer: Staying True to Traditional Middle Eastern Dance vs Fusion Glam

Part of my job of being a Kissimmee Belly Dancer and running my company Asada Belly Dance is writing choreography for my clients.  This is the part that I LOVE.  Watching someone else beautifully express what I’ve created puts me in a happy place.  For what ever reason I find it much more easier to choreograph for someone else than it is to write for myself.

I am my biggest critic.  I’ll write something, rehears it a million times and wont ever be satisfied.  I criticize every single bit of what I’m doing.  Then continue to try to perfect it up until the day of my performance.  Instead of keeping it simple, I want to glam it up and top my previous performance.  I even try to push myself to the point of mastering dance moves I’ve never even learned through proper training.  Well attempting to master anyway.

When it comes to my clients, I want them to master what I’ve taught them and what their capable of doing at the time of their performance.  Once I discover what movements work well with their body, I focus on writing around that.  I add my own flare and pizzaz of course, but I want to make sure they can do it.  I also, want to make sure that when they perform something with my name on it that the audience knows that they had a great choreographer.

I make it clear to my clients and their audience that what they are performing is true belly dance.  When I’m the one on stage sometimes I feel like the audience will question if I’m sticking to the true essence of Middle Eastern Dance.

I think the reason I do this to myself is because I feel like I shouldn’t limit myself to just one dance style.  I find myself torn.  Belly Dance is what I know and love.  I should just master it.  Right?  My mentor Azizi once told me that it takes decades to master Middle Eastern Dance.  I think she’s right.  But I don’t want to wait that long.  Do I go out and learn some other “cool” dance style that I can fuse with Belly Dance?  Do I go out and learn more new fancy props that I feel take away from the body’s art of dancing?

When I’m in the audience watching these amazing new dancer.  I become mesmerized by their contortionist style that my body will never learn to do.  Although fusion dancing is breathtaking, I really want to be that dancer that stays true to Middle Eastern Dancing.  I don’t have a problem with jazzing it up or fusing it for certain occasions but Belly Dancing is just that, Belly Dancing.

If I can keep my clients performances on the true path of Middle Easter Dance, than why shouldn’t I do the same for myself?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Share them with me your Kissimmee Belly Dancer on my Asada Belly Dance Blog.

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