Asada Belly Dance Gets Compliments While Teaching Belly Dancing Classes in Kissimmee

Asada Belly Dance got two amazing compliments this week while teaching belly dancing classes in Kissimmee.  I’ve been subbing an adult beginners class for a friend.  She has amazing students and I can tell by their movements that she’s been teaching them well.  Since it is a beginners class, not many students have dreams of becoming professional belly dancers, but every once in a while a potential pro will emerge.

I mostly teach children so when the opportunity came up to teach adults I was ecstatic.  I was able to create a playlist of my favorite songs that lyrically would not make sense in a child’s classroom.  In this case, I mean Ego by Beyonce.

I wrote a very short easy to learn combo and taught it to the students.  This was a hit.  So it remains as one of my weekly regulars.  Even when I try to switch it up, I still get a request to include this song in the playlist.

I was recently invited to a Hafla that some professional dancer friends of mine were performing in.  To my surprise two of my students were there.  One of which was performing a solo, to allow the pro dancers time to change.  Although I don’t claim to be responsible for the talent I witnessed, I felt very honored to see some of my moves included in her work.  The following class she wanted my critique.  She wanted to know what I thought and what she could have done better.  Wow!!!  What a compliment.  Again, I was honored.

That same class the other student, who was simply a spectator at the Hafla, said she was asked to perform her first solo ever at the next Hafla.  I told her that even though it isn’t my event, I don’t mind helping while she is taking lessons from me.  We worked on Ego that class at her request.  When I watched her in the mirror I could tell she really put her heart into it.  I jokingly told her to use it at the Hafla.  She said “You know what, I think I will.”  I truly felt honored that these students who are barely my students want to use what I’ve taught them.

The ultimate compliment, I think, is when a student gains their confidence because of something you taught them.  I’m so proud of these ladies, and of myself for really just teaching what I know best.  I focus so much on educating children to respect Middle Eastern Dance, that I didn’t even think about adults.  Now that I see that I have influenced adults as well, makes me feel wonderful.

I truly understand why teachers, academic or art, teach.  It’s the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment you get when a student succeeds.  Any unexpected compliments you’d like to share?  Whether you are a Kissimmee Belly Dancer or not a dancer at all, please share; Asada Belly Dance would love to hear about it.

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Asada is an Entertainer, Instructor, and Choreographer for all ages. She has been belly dancing since 2004. From folkloric to her take on the modern style, she will teach you privately or in a group. Asada currently teaches belly dancing classes in Kissimmee, Fl performs at Kissimmee weddings, Melbourne, Fl weddings, and birthday parties in Melbourne, Fl. Her goal is to educate her students and clients about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance; aka Belly Dance. Follow me on Google+