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Welcome to Asada Belly Dance Dance Essence Style Hire Asada Belly Dance (Vee)

Welcome to Asada Belly Dance

Middle Eastern Dance is the oldest dance form. Let Vee be a part of your dance journey.

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Take a class with Vee. Drill techniques that turn into fun choreographies. Learn more about the many health benefits of belly dance.

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Belly Dance has so many health benefits. Benefits to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

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Find your inner self. Book a private lesson with Vee today!

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Hire Asada Belly Dance (Vee)

Planning a wedding, quince, or surprise birthday party? Hire Vee today to be your entertainment.

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Dance Classes

Looking for dance classes in Kissimmee that’s right for you?  You will find Vee teaching belly dancing classes in Kissimmee Fl at Creative Dance Academy.  Vee will…

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Celebrating a wedding?  Need a wedding dancer?  Asada Belly Dance (Vee) performs for weddings and other entertainment from the Kissimmee to Melbourne, Fl area….

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Asada Belly Dance has many packages to choose from.  Whether you’re having a birthday party, need an entertainer, looking for belly dance classes, or fun things…

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Asada Belly Dance (Vee) is an Entertainer, Instructor, and Choreographer for all ages.  She has been dancing since 2004.  From folkloric to her take on the modern style, she will teach you privately or in a group.  Asada is currently a Kissimmee Belly Dancer who teaches belly dancing classes, performs for weddings, and birthday parties in the Kissimmee to Melbourne, Florida area.  Her goal is to educate her students and clients about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance; aka Belly Dance.  Vee is also a certified Yoga instructor.

Bellydance Level 1: Tuesday 7 pm

(Kids welcome level 1 however must be accompanied by a parent and must be well behaved.)

Bellydance level 2: (by invite only) Tuesday 8 pm

Level 2 is an Intensive for those who want to dance professionally.

Private Lessons – By Appointment Only

Private lessons are perfect for those needing help with Self Awareness, Wedding dance, Quince dance, Competitions, and more.  Book Today!

Membership $55 per month or $100 for 2 months.

For Non-Bellydancing Classes in Kissimmee Fl (Ballet, Hip Hop, and more): Visit Creative Dance Academy today for class prices.  http://www.creativedanceacademyfl.com/classesdress-code.html   



“It’s not about the fear, but what God can do.” -Vee     All things are possible through faith.  As long as you believe and follow, God will always lead and guide you down the path that is right for you.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

“Maya Angelou’s word are so true.  Especially when it comes to dance and entertainment.  People want an entertainer who will not only be memorable but will also make them feel special.  My specialty is working one on one with each client and finding that hidden talent within them.  I show the client how to focus on that talent while making them feel as though they are a star.”
― Vee

“One of the best things about Asada is her smile.  While she’s on stage she makes you feel as if you are the only person in the room.”
― Rose

“Smiling is very important when performing.  Unless the music calls for other emotions the smile is one of the first things that draws the audience to the stage.  I remind all my students to smile during every lesson.”
― Vee

“I’m starting to notice a difference in my abs.  Asada really makes us work on ab strengthening to help us with belly dance.”

“I do teach a fitness style belly dance class for adults that focus on core strength and muscle toning.  I incorporate a great cardio work out and lots of isolation movements.”
― Vee

“Not only am I a Kissimmee Belly Dancer but I am also certified yoga instructor.  Working on becoming registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Yoga integrates mind, body, and spirit.  Incorporating Yoga techniques will help all my students take their dance journey to the next level.”  -Vee

For Entertainment in Kissimmee Florida, Hire your Kissimmee Belly Dancer Asada today! 

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Asada is an Entertainer, Instructor, and Choreographer for all ages. She has been belly dancing since 2004. From folkloric to her take on the modern style, she will teach you privately or in a group. Asada currently teaches belly dancing classes in Kissimmee, Fl performs at Kissimmee weddings, Melbourne, Fl weddings, and birthday parties in Melbourne, Fl. Her goal is to educate her students and clients about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance; aka Belly Dance. Follow me on Google+

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Book Asada for your Wedding, Birthday, or any Special Occasion.  You will find Asada at Creative Dance Academy in Kissimmee teaching all ages.  Contact Asada today. Asada Belly Dance 1523 Fortune Retail Ct, Kissimmee, Fl 34744 Phone: 407-451-6043  Please leave a message and someone will call you back with in 24 hours. Email: asadadance@gmail.com   […]

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