Our goal is to make sure every student or client feels at home when taking classes at Asada Belly Dance.  Below are some answers to questions we get asked often.

How should I dress for a class?

Comfort is key.  Dress as you would go to a gym.  Bring a coin belt or hip scarf if you have one.  Those added accessories can be fun but are not a requirement.

How long will it take me, a beginner, to become a professional Belly Dancer?

To become a professional dancer for any dance style takes dedication and commitment.  Everyone learns at a different pace so it's hard to pin point a set amount of time.  Consistency is key.  If the goal is to become a professional, then Asada Belly Dance can work with you to help achieve this goal.  Request a consultation soon.

Can children attend a party with Belly Dancers?

Absolutely.  Asada Belly Dance offers family friendly entertainment.  Bellydance also known as Middle Eastern Dance is a part of the Middle Eastern culture which is enjoyed by all ages.

When will you resume in person classes?

While we were playing it safe by teaching online only for a while we are happy to announce that starting in May (2021) we will be back to in person classes in the Lake Nona area.  Contact us for registration details.