Virginia Assad Cropped

Meet Vee

Virginia Assad (Vee) is the owner and founder of Asada Belly Dance.  Her dance journey started with jazz in 1999 but she fell in love with Middle Eastern Dance in the early 2000’s as an attempt to connect with her grandmothers Haitian Syrian roots.  Although she was not raised by her Middle Eastern family she feels at home when surrounded but the Middle Eastern music and dance.  She is also a certified yoga instructor, wife, and mother of two beautiful children.  Her goal is to educate anyone who’s path encounters hers, and help them find their way along their dance journey that God has laid out for them, through the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance, aka Bellydance.

Our Story

Vee's love for the Middle Eastern Dance and Yoga has introduced her to so many phenomenal dancers who share the same love for both art forms.  Her goal is to educate her students about the health benefits of both.

Meet the Team

Asada Belly Dance Partners with many dancers across Central Florida

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Bellydance, Ballroom, Samba, Vegas Style Showgirl

Trained in many styles of dance Katriana started dancing as a young child in the Orlando area.  Currently a character dancer at the Orlando theme parks, bellydancer, many genre dance instructor and Vegas style showgirl with Gimmeshimmy.

Snake Charmer


Bellydance, Snake Charmer, Vegas Style Showgirl

Owner of Gimme Shimmy in Minneola, FL Maria has been teaching belly dance group classes, private lessons and performing in the Central Florida area since 2010.  She has enjoyed performing with Asada at various private events over the years.  Maria also performs with a live snake upon request !"

Zena Dancer


Ballroom, Salsa, Aerial Silk

Zena specializes in social latin dances cha-cha, merengue, argentine tango, samba, bachata, salsa on1 and mambo on2, other skills, aerial silk and swing dancing.  Zena is also a local backup dancer to local Tina Turner impersonator and other Central Florida muscisians.

Need an entertainer for your next event?

Asada Belly Dance partners with many dancers of different dance style all across Central Florida.  Contact Asada Belly Dance today.